Unshelved comic strip for 1/6/2010

Question and Answer of the Week

Next week is Bill's birthday and I'm procrastinating on my annual assignment to draw Unshelved on his birthday. And what better way to avoid drawing than to give out some prizes?

Question of the Week: NinaW asked if the Nook will work with various types of e-content. Great question. I was so caught up in the marketing I almost bought one of these things before considering this, along with the fact that I can't get rid of my books because they hold up my roof.

Answer of the Week: from j.lib in response to Amelia J's request for job interview questions others have been asked. j.lib either takes a lot of notes or has a memory far, far superior to mine.

Both winners get the signed Unshelved collection of their choice.

Visit Unshelved Answers if you've got questions or want to share your knowledge with others. And please vote up good questions and answers.

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