Unshelved comic strip for 11/2/2010

The Busiest Month

We're on the road a LOT this month!

  • This Thursday at 7pm at I'll be giving my talk Pressing the Money Button to the Boston Graphic Arts Guild at 7pm at MassArt. Anyone is welcome to come hear how Gene and I manage to make a living (more or less) by putting comics on the web for free. Book signing to follow.
  • Then it's Webcomics Weekend! Join Gene, myself, and my Not Invented Here collaborator Paul Southworth at this second annual gathering of webcartoonists in Easthampton, MA. We'll have some books to sign, a few items of merchandise to sell, and many hugs to give.
  • The following week Gene and Jana are trucking down to Sacramento, CA to exhibit at the California Library Association
  • And the week after that I'll be in Orlando, FL exhibiting at the National Council of Teachers of English

Then we'll have a magical six weeks at home before heading out again. A full list of our upcoming talks and appearances (and information about how to hire us) can be found here!

This Unshelved strip

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