Unshelved comic strip for 2/11/2010

Answers of the Week

This week we're awarding top honors and prizes (the signed Unshelved collection of their choice) to the following Unshelved Answers problem-solvers:

To Miromurr (in Bergen, Norway) who responded to Keix's quest for an open source cataloging system for personal use. I'm not proud that I don't know what LAMP and Koha are, but with tech savvy (geeky) Answers users around, I don't need to know. Bonus points for mentioning Library Thing and for wearing your approved flotation device.

To Deborah (in New Zealand) who answered Cynthia's question about positive and negative signage. She emphasizes the need for simplicity and the need for staff to know the reasons behind the rules, and I agree wholeheartedly. Bonus points for the parrot.

Visit Unshelved Answers if you've got questions or want to share your knowledge with others. And please vote up good questions and answers.

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