Unshelved comic strip for 5/3/2010

Choose Privacy

I met Angela Maycock, Assistant Director for the ALA's Office of Intellectual Freedom, the last time ALA Annual was in Chicago. She was the wrangler for a panel I was on under my real name, for my former day job. She quickly found out about my pen name and that I write Unshelved, but she kept it all very hush-hush. More importantly, though, in line for the lunch buffet, I dared her to take the ridiculously giant grapefruit in the decorative fruit bowl. She put it on her plate. After lunch, she took it home, though it barely fit in her purse.

So when Angela told me about ALA's first every Choose Privacy Week, I listened. She knows at least some of my secrets, and she doesn't shy from a challenge. And we all know there is no greater challenge than getting library patrons to think about their privacy.

Choose Privacy Week started yesterday. Libraries across the country are hosting programs to educate and engage the public about the issues around privacy, online and otherwise. Resources for libraries interested in participating or hosting similar programs, along with more information (including some great graphics), can be found at the Privacy Revolution website. They're also on facebook and twitter.

Women Write

This week's Unshelved is sponsored by our friends Virginia, Bobby, and Kayleigh, the Library Marketing folks at HarperCollins. Each day, Monday through Friday, is devoted to a different novel by a different woman. Collect them all!

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