Unshelved comic strip for 7/15/2010

The Future of Unshelved Answers Part II

In case you missed it, the creators of the software powering Unshelved Answers are changing to a community-based model for their sites.

Anyone can propose a Q&A site on Area 51. Everything we know about the process can be found in the Area 51 FAQ.   

Emily Jones, Unshelved Answers user extraordinaire, has proposed a new site for librarians and library lovers to share their expertise about libraries and everything in them. If approved, this will serve as a replacement for Unshelved Answers.   

The proposal needs at least 60 followers to move forward, and the more the better. If you’re interested, click on the link and then the orange “Follow It!” button. You do not need to log in to follow the proposal (but you do need to give them an email address.)  

What we know:

  • The new site will need dedicated users to move through the Commitment and Beta phases.  
  • We’ll keep Unshelved Answers up until April 2011 or until a replacement site is in place.
  • When Unshelved Answers disappears, we’ll make an archive of questions and answers available online.  
  • Reputation on Unshelved Answers does not transfer to Area 51, even if you use the same OpenID to log in. 

What we don’t know:

  • If Unshelved Answers questions and answers can be exported to a replacement site.
  • If your accounts will transfer over (though this seems increasingly unlikely).

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