Unshelved comic strip for 7/26/2010

Random House Graphic Novels

Our sponsor this week is Random House, Inc. Library Services, publisher and distributor of a wide range of graphic novels from DC, Del Rey, Pantheon, Radical Comics, Campfire, Archie Comics, and more. They've just released their updated Catalog of Graphic Novels, Manga, and Comics which you can download, view online, or order in a paper version.

Last Call for Large Print

Our Introductory Special for our newest collection Large Print ends this Saturday, July 31. Order by then and Gene and I will personalize your copy with our autographs and a sketch of Dewey (or the Unshelved character of your choice).

And if you've already picked up a copy, in person or online, we very much appreciate your support, not to mention your patience with these periodic reminders, of which this is the last.

This Unshelved strip

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