Unshelved comic strip for 2/18/2011

David Levithan

Bill and I jumped at the chance to interview author / editor / extraordinary dude David Levithan at ALA Midwinter last month. Bill recently read his latest, The Lover's Dictionary. And I'm a big fan of Nick and Nora's Ifinite Playlist and absolutely loved Boy Meets Boy.

David is a super nice guy, as evidenced by the fact that he smiled throughout the interview, even when Bill and I talked over him.

We had video, but I can't stand how shiny my balding head has become, and I don't want to put you through that. So if the above interview highlights aren't enough, here's a link to the complete audio. Bill and I geek out extensively at getting to talk to David, and ask him some purposefully stupid questions to see how he'll react (at least that's our excuse).

(I will add that reading Boy Meets Boy on a 747 filled with two high school lacrosse teams added to the book, though I forgot to tell David about that.)

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