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Unshelved strip for 4/6/2011

WT Cox Subscriptions

WT Cox

This week we welcome back one of our very first sponsors, WT Cox Subscriptions. When we first started working with them they just offered subscriber services to libraries. Then they added a link resolver called Journal Finder. Now they have just announced over 2 Million research-oriented eBooks and eDocuments available for download:

The end user has full ownership of the eBooks and the library can offer unlimited simultaneous check-outs to their patrons/students. Like everything else at WT Cox Subscriptions, it's easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain and very cost effective. We pride ourselves on being simple to work with, offering a very high-end service, and being affordable as well.

Unshelved readers have consistently been some of WT Cox's best customers, and we're happy to continue introducing you to each other!

This classic Unshelved strip

originally appeared on 2/27/2008. Buy a signed print

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Cleo volunteers for the Red Cross during the Spanish Influenza epidemic. She’s helped by a dashing medical student.

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Drop-In Titles

A paid service from Unshelved letting you know about titles so hot off the press you won't find them in any catalog! How to list titles

Airline Transport Pilot Oral Exam Guide, Second Edition Michael D. Hayes / Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. / $12.95 / 9781560278634 / 1560278633 / Transportation / Test Prep / Trade Paper / On Sale: May 01, 2011 / This up-to-date edition contains the most consistently asked questions in the current oral exam for the ATP FAA license, with answers and explanations. The guide also teaches applicants how to exhibit subject mastery under tough examiner scrutiny.

Mastering IBM i Jim Buck and Jerry Fottral / MC Press / $85.95 / 9781583473566 / 1583473564 / Computer: Operating Systems / Trade Paper / On Sale: May 01, 2011 / This in-depth resource offers a comprehensive introduction to the latest release of the IBM i operating system and facilities; step-by-step exercises, review questions, and chapter labs; and reflects system changes that have occurred since 2000.

RPG TnT Bob Cozzi / MC Press / $65.00 / 9781583473641 / 1583473645 / Computer: Programming & Software Engineering / Trade Paper / On Sale: May 01, 2011 / Providing solutions to dozens of technical dilemmas from an RPG guru, this guide features 101 tips for evaluating and circumventing RPG IV's shortcomings to help end users create extensions and features not available through the standard program.

Energy and Carbon Emissions: The Way We Live Today Nicola Terry / UIT Cambridge Ltd. / $19.95 / 9781906860141 / 1906860149 / Environmental Studies / Science / Trade Paper / On Sale: Jul 01, 2011 / A straight-talking discussion, this handbook offers pragmatic guidance bolstered by solid scientific data to help people make responsible buying decisions and adopt simple strategies to curb energy use, reduce their carbon footprints, and save money.