Unshelved comic strip for 9/22/2011

Night Circus giveaway winners

Everyone loves the circus, and we loved reading all the reasons why in our Night Circus giveaway contest. Here are the fifteen winners, in order of submission. Each receives a free ARC of The Night Circus courtesy Doubleday and our friends at Random House Library Marketing:

What is your favorite part of the circus, and why?

  • @aspeed I love the lions. I keep hoping that one day, they'll use that whip on the trainer. [link]
  • @yarmando The Plate Spinners, because that's what my job as the library's Deputy Director boils down to: keeping things going. [link]
  • @ABMonk Lydia, oh Lydia, say, have you met Lydia?
    Lydia the tattooed lady
    She has eyes that men adore so
    And a torso even more so [link]
  • @MichellePar Acrobats and daredevils with so much muscular control and graceful body awareness. I wish I had it. [link]
  • @bibliovixen Lions. Tigers. And we're not talking animal crackers. [link]
  • @hoperider The cotton candy, because the rest is much more fun when you are hopped up on sugar. [link]
  • @ljrTR I like the excitement on the faces of little kids at the circus [link]
  • @mrgouldmrgould Waiting in the darkness for the show to begin and then BAM! lights, colour, and I am transported to another world. [link]
  • @bookshoff Clowns. The Mary Tyler Moore Show said it best: "A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants." [link]
  • @tenenbaums Carnies to the left of me, carnies to the right! Here I am, stuck in the middle with you [link]
  • @mdruyan <3 the inversion of reality at the circus. Gravity is suspended, wild animals are friends, and sad clowns make me laugh. [link]
  • @Jesterodd1 A Clown cannot pretend or be artificial. In the circus, laughter cannot be faked any more than a somersault. [link]
  • @hrdoran The skill and bravery required to hug tigers, defy gravity, throw knives and catch fire captivated and inspired me. [link]
  • @matt_diamond The elephants. Oh, the elephants! Uh oh, the elephants. Cleanup on ring five... [link]
  • @ChocoLibrarian Tigers and lions gracefully jumping through flaming hoops... and my cat won't even come to me when I give him treats. [link]

Thanks to everyone who participated. I will tweet instructions to the winners as to how they can claim their prizes!

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