Unshelved comic strip for 10/1/2012


Starting today Unshelved is going to come to you every weekday in color.

We've been toying with this for a while. Gene was skeptical that we could come up with a coloring approach that would stand the test of time, I was worried about how it would impact my schedule, and we both didn't think we could afford to print an Unshelved comic strip collection in color. But after seeing first Paul and then Jeff use color to great advantage over in my other comic strip Not Invented Here (which ironically is in black and white today), I was itching to bring Unshelved's look into the twenty-first century. I think I've come up with an approach that looks great without taking me too much longer. As for our next book, we've bravely decided to not think about it for now and just burn that bridge when we come to it.

I plan to continue playing with palettes, textures, and backgrounds, so don't be surprised if it takes a little while for our new look to settle down. I hope you enjoy the ride!

This Unshelved strip

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