Unshelved comic strip for 1/12/2013

Bill Blogs

Remember when I would post all sorts of personal updates to this blog? In the early days it seemed like most of our readers were friends and family anyway, so it made sense to let you know what laptop I was thinking of buying, when my dog died, and how my ukuelele playing was going.

But over time it started feeling weird. Because, let's face it, most of you are here for library laffs, not to find out how my summer vacation went. So I started tweeting. And that scratched most of my itch, because anyone who wanted to could opt-in to my blatherings. But I still find I occasionally have a need to write longer-form stuff.

So now I'm on Tumblr, where you can follow me if you're so inclined, or ignore me if you so desire. I will also make sure to tweet links to my posts, so if you're already following me on Twitter you're set. And if I post something I think would be interesting to the broader Unshelved audience, I'll link to it here in this blog. So basically you're covered.

This classic Unshelved strip

originally appeared on March 21, 2003.

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