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Unshelved comic strip

Welcome to Unshelved

Unshelved is a comic strip about a library, created by librarian Gene Ambaum and cartoonist Bill Barnes.

It ran on this website from from February 16, 2002 through October 17, 2016, for a total archive of 4552 comic strips, which we cycle through one day at a time on this page.

We published 13 Unshelved collections, many of which are still available for purchase at our store, along with a selection of fun library-themed merchandise.

The Unshelved Book Club were weekly book recommendations by Gene, Bill, and friends, 3401 in all, some of them in the form of Unshelved comic strips.

Bill & Gene also created Pimp My Bookcart, an annual competition where libraries decorated bookcarts.

Gene continues to write Library Comic, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Bill writes (and occasionally illustrates) Not Invented Here, a comic strip about the funny people who make software for a living. NIH is currently on hiatus but he swears it'll be back.

This classic Unshelved strip

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