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I know from long experience that not everyone reads our blog posts. And it’s totally cool with me if you’re just here for the comics. But sometimes we have something to say that affects all our readers, and not everyone gets the message. This is one of those times. So I have a favor to ask - will you spread the word on this one?

Last week we announced that Unshelved is ending (pause for feelings) and launched a Kickstarter for our last book. I’m happy to say it’s already funded, which means everyone who ordered a copy will get one. Hooray!

The problem is that I know how many folks end up buying our books, and it’s a lot more than the number of copies ordered so far. And I strongly suspect it’s because most of them haven’t gotten the message.

So will you please spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, at the water cooler, and in the staff lunchroom? Let everyone know that this really is their only chance to get a copy of our last book signed by both authors, personalized to them with a doodle by yours truly?

Thanks. I really appreciate it, and I think they will too.

P.S. Many of you saw that we won’t be selling copies through library wholesalers, and asked if there was a way to buy a copy for your library. So we added two reward levels where you could buy one for yourself and one (at a discount) for your library. Hope this helps.

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