Unshelved comic strip for 10/10/2009

ALA Funding and Technology Access Study

Here's why you should check out this week's sponsor, the ALA Funding and Technology Access Study, according to Larra Clark, the project manager for the study:

The Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study is the oldest and largest study of its kind, and it provides the most current information available on public library technology. Data from past studies have been used in Congressional testimony, to file comments with the FCC around broadband for libraries, and by national and local media. Recent media mentions, including USA Today and NPR’s All Tech Considered blog, may be viewed here.

From the annual data, the research team also has created popular issues briefs library staff can share with funders, legislators and community stakeholders to increase awareness of the vital roles public library technology (with library staff) play in supporting job-seekers, e-government and education.

Thanks to the participation of thousands of rural, suburban and urban public libraries, this multiyear study captures the current landscape of public library technology and charts its change since 1994, when earlier incarnations of this research began.

Making the case for libraries in the Digital Age demands solid data. We deliver. And we’re happy to answer questions and help people leverage the data locally.

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