Unshelved comic strip for 10/23/2009

Reykjavik and Paris in December

I've always wanted to eat at Bæjarins beztu, and I'll finally get my chance at the beginning of December when I head for Reykjavik for a week. And because Icelandair is offering a free layover on the way to Europe, I'm heading to Paris for a week of haunting comic shops and trying to figure out how many books by Trondheim, Sfar, Guibert and Delisle I can fit into my carry on.

Ever driven the roads in Iceland in the winter? Taken a laptop to Europe and regretted it? Know a museum (or cafe or bookstore or library or back alley) I shouldn't miss? What else do I need to know?? Or do you live in Paris or Reykjavik and feel like showing a wandering book guy and his trusty manservant around?

Please let me know... gene(nospace)ambaum(at)gmail.com

This Unshelved strip

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