Unshelved comic strip for 1/14/2010

Question and Answer of the Week

Bill and I are getting ready to leave for ALA Midwinter tomorrow morning, but we still have time to give out a free book for the question and answer of the week. If you're using Unshelved Answers please stop by the Unshelved booth 1474 and let us know what you think so far.

The Question of the Week was asked by orioles9fan who asked Why write the call numbers inside the book? The answers seems indicate it is an antiquated procedure, but the the jury is out on whether it's still useful or not. (I think all libraries have quirky procedures like these that ought to be questioned periodically.)

The Answer of the Week was given by Beth T, who warns that you have to be ready for any comment the interviewer might make in response to Amelia J's request for interview questions). This is also the only answer to use the phrase "animal fat" out of necessity.

Visit Unshelved Answers if you've got questions or want to share your knowledge with others. And please vote up good questions and answers.

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