Unshelved comic strip for 6/14/2010

The new, reinvented Unshelved book

On New Year's day we changed the way we publish Unshelved on the web. Now we're changing the way we publish Unshelved on paper with our newest collection, Large Print:

  • Our Unshelved Book Club strips are very popular, but they don't appeal to everyone. So we're leaving them out of our regular collections. We may find a better way to deliver them in print.
  • With that, and two fewer strips per week, it's taking us longer than a year to produce a book's worth of material. So we'll now release Unshelved collections every eighteen months.
  • We are moving to a smaller size and revised layout that is a better fit for our strip, with author notes and selected larger strips to highlight some of our favorites.
  • They cost less! We think our new cover price of $11.95 will put our books into many more hands.

Please note that our previous collections are unaffected by these changes. Volumes one through seven will continue to run all your existing applications.

We will be selling a limited number of copies of Large Print at ALA next week. It goes on sale in bookstores and on our website on July 1. As always, libraries and bookstores can order copies from their normal suppliers or direct from our distributor Ingram Publisher Services. The ISBN-13 number is 978-0974035376.

Graduation Sale

Across the country optimistic, fresh-faced graduates are streaming out of library schools, with only our comic strips to warn what awaits them in the real world. Help mark their transition with a library schooled t-shirt, on sale this week for just $13.95 in both standard and junior fitted styles. That's a five dollars savings plus add one or more of our books for just ten dollars each! Sale ends Sunday at midnight.

This Unshelved strip

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