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Summer Reading from Random House, Inc.

RH for High School Teachers

This week’s sponsor, Random House for High School Teachers, have come up with a fun summer reading list (Not a high school teacher? You can still check it out!)

Meet our cast of characters for Summer Reading 2012! We’ve got: vampires and zombies; a deathless man and a tiger’s wife; bears named “Dog” and dogs named “Bear”; and kids who will save the world and robots who will run the world. From the Australian Outback to the Niger Delta, from a haunted English mansion to a maze called the Glade, from the sidewalks of New York to a gator-wrestling park in the Everglades, we invite you to transport your students to worlds of adventure, discovery, and danger with these 25 wildly eclectic and unique books ideal for summer reading.

Click through to see the booklist, downloadable by category!

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