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Food Book Reviews and Guest Strip by Lucy Knisley

Unshelved Book Club

Today’s guest artist is cartoonist Lucy Knisley! Her lastest book is Relish: My Life in the Kitchen, a graphic novel about growing up in the kitchen, learning to cook, and becoming a foodie (who still eats junk food once in a while). The illustrated recipes are the best, and this is my favorite food-related book ever. Her name may be familiar because I’ve raved about French Milk and Radiator Days before. If you’ve never heard of her, check out her summary of Harry Potter in 8 posters.

Elsewhere in this week’s Unshelved Book Club all of the books are about cooking and food. They include recipes, straight talk, an adventure through the digestive system, creative cocktails, guacamoles, truck food, directions on playing with your food, miniature food items, adventurous baby food, intoxicating plants, the paleo diet for families and especially kids, and insights into how giant corporations hook us on their food.

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