Unshelved comic strip for 9/26/2014

Young Adult Book Reviews plus Gene Yang interview

Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features Young Adult books about contacting an evil spirit via a Ouija board, two teens who explore New York City during a blackout, a young woman sent to prison after beating a policewoman, a young volunteer nurse during the Spanish Influenza, a teen who writes a book on what boys want, two slackers who connect during a poetry slam, a romance that starts during an OCD support group, and a world record setting family.

Plus I recently had a chance to talk to YA graphic novel superstar and Printz winner Gene Yang about superheroes, fatherhood, teaching, and his new book, The Shadow Hero.

The Green Turtle at Comic-Con

Gene A: I heard you’re teaching an MFA class?

Gene Y: I am. I’m on the faculty of an MFA for children’s writing. I’m teaching at Hamline University in Minnesota as part of their low-residency program. I fly out there once a year for about a week and the rest of the year I work with students online. This is the third year I’ve done it.

On top of your high school job and all the writing you do?

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