Unshelved comic strip for 11/7/2016

Going Out With a Bang!

This is the last week of new Unshelved strips and, as promised, I drew them, which I wrote with Gene. It was a very emotional experience for me. Friday, November 11 is the last new of the new strips, so make sure to tune in.

Moving on, the Kickstarter for Overdue, our twelfth and final collection, ended on Friday. It was a tremendous success -- we had over a thousand backers and raised over $30,000, almost five times our goal! Thanks to everyone who pledged and/or spread the word. In the near future you will get an email from us, via Backerkit, letting you know next steps and asking for your address. This will also be your chance to add extra paperbacks, ebooks, and USB drives to your order.

I have finished laying out the book, and just sent it to eagle-eyed Rob Hurvitz for proofing. Next I'll start work on the digital editions, which are interestingly different from the print version. We advertised the book at 192 pages but the final version weighs in at a nice round 200 pages, so you get 8 free pages! That's right, you're getting 4.16% more book for your money.

P.S. There's always a few folks who wait until the end and then miss the deadline, and this time was no exception. Because we haven't yet sent the book to the printer, you still have a small window of opportunity to order your copy here. But seriously -- don't procrastinate.

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