Unshelved comic strip for 4/24/2006

Sunday on Tuesday, part 37

It happened again. I hoped to get Sunday's strip done last week, but every time I went to draw it my back was blitzed. Likely it will happen tomorrow, as well as Monday's and Tuesday's strip. One day we'll all look back at this period and laugh.

Into the Future

Such is the nature of our speaking schedule that we are booking gigs farther and farther out. This is unabashedly a good thing, but it has the weird effect of committing us to the whole shebang. After all, if we're booked through 2008 we pretty much need to keep making the strip until then. Otherwise it will be "please welcome the former cartoonists of the now-defunct comic strip Unshelved" which lacks a certain something.

Anyway, we'll be speaking to the Military Librarians Workshop in Kansas City, MO on December 5, 2007. I've never been to K.C. or Missouri, except when changing planes, so this will be a fun opportunity to expand my travel repertoire, as well as hear some uniquely military takes on the library experience. See you then!

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