Unshelved comic strip for 6/17/2008

On Guest Book Clubs

We've gotten a few, ah, strongly-worded emails regarding Sunday's Guest Book Club by Stephanie McMillan. Sometimes cartoonists ask us if they can do a guest strip, sometimes we ask them. In either case we let them pick the books that they wish to book talk. As it happens Stephanie and I have very different politics, but I enjoy a well-stated opinion of any ilk. Before reading Stephanie's strip I hadn't even heard of Derrick Jensen. Then I looked up his books and read several reviews. Now I know that he's someone I strongly disagree with. So thanks to the Unshelved Book Club I learned something. I consider that a success.

P.S. And if you loved that book, bless your heart. I'll fight to the death for your right to hold your misguided opinions.

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