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Unshelved strip for 7/20/2008

On Choosing

Those of you who pay attention to such things will note that today's featured book, was also the subject of a sponsorship a few weeks back. This seems as good a time as any to review how we choose which books we feature in the Unshelved Book Club. Namely, that we pick books we like that work in the Book Club format. Some are classics from our past. Some we pick up on our own in book stores or at the library. Some are recommended by our readers. Some are given to us by publishers who sponsor Unshelved, some by publishers who don’t.

So I wrung (wrang? wrunged?) my hands for a few weeks when HarperCollins decided to promote Racing, because it was my pick of the summer and I badly wanted to book talk it in our book club, but was afraid it would look like a paid placement. Finally Gene, who as a librarian finds it physically painful not to book talk a book that needs book talking, convinced me that I needed to follow my heart. I hope you love this book as much as I did.

San Diego Comic Con

Can you feel it? The buzz in the air? The excitement on the streets? The aroma of unwashed fanboys on the horizon? It's almost here. Wednesday begins Comic Con International in beautiful San Diego. And we'll be there at booth 2300, the same one we've had three years running, just inside the entrance to hall C. I'll be there drawing next week's Unshelved strips in classic pencil. Gene will be showing off collectible action figures for which he'll have paid too much and stood in line too long. And Jana will be showing off several new t-shirts, ones that won't hit our website for several weeks. We can't wait to see you!

Choose Your Own Adventure

And so, as the lazy sun sets in the West, so too do we say goodbye to this week's sponsor Choose Your Own Adventure, publisher of the new multi-volume interactive fiction series The Golden Path. Click to download a free copy!

Summer Sale 2008 Last Day

Monday is the last day of our 2008 Summer Sale, wherein we're selling a wide selection of t-shirts for only $12.95. And if you buy any two shirts you'll save an additional $3. A reminder that the smaller sizes of our women's shirts, of which we have many, fit kids (of either gender) just about perfectly.

After Monday whatever's left goes off sale and, probably, off the site.

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