Unshelved comic strip for 6/28/2009

Zach Weiner

Today's Unshelved Book Club features the best take on Moby Dick ever, and we can't take any credit for it. It's all from the fevered brain of Zach Weiner, perpetrator of the often-offensive, always brilliant Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I met Zach at Webcomics Weekend and we fell immediately and deeply in love when he asked me to play "Live and Let Die" on my ukulele and I gave it my best shot. Thanks to Zach for making this classic work of literature a little less classic. And, more importantly, for giving me the day off.

Ohio Libraries

This move proposed by the Ohio governor is just insane.

I've avoided posting anything about it because

  1. If I heard about it, I assume most of our readers did,
  2. We're preaching to the choir here and
  3. I can't escape the feeling that this will be such an unpopular cut that the governor is expecting and planning for the backlash that's occurred, and that this is a political move in which we're all being manipulated, and I resent that more than a little.

But Bill and I wish all of you in Ohio the good luck you deserve and the money you need to continue to do the great things you do for your communites. And whether this is a sincere proposal on the governor's part or just politics, I hope, when elections come around again, your patrons make sure everyone who backed it will need to attend job hunting workshops in your libraries.

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