Unshelved comic strip for 8/2/2009

One Book A Day IV

I hope you enjoyed finding out about this week's books as much as I did. I hope you'll take a moment to check out each of them. Many of our sponsors are the individual authors who paid money out of their own pockets - help make it a great investment for them!

  • The Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell, a graphic novel featuring a young library shelving assistant
  • How to Buy a Love of Reading by Tanya Egan Gibson: parents commission a custom book for their daughter
  • The Promised World by Lisa Tucker: A literature professor’s carefully constructed life is shattered after the death of her twin brother and the unraveling of the secret world they shared
  • Blame by Michelle Huneven: a history professor wakes up in jail after an alcoholic blackout, accused of killing two people
  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: revisit this classic as a community read
  • The Wonder Singer by George Rabasa: A dead diva, a live ghost, and the literary caper that would make them immortal
  • Talking to Trees by Kathryn Sullivan: a fashion accessory turns out to be the gateway to another world

Are you an author or publisher Interested in sponsoring Unshelved? Drop me a line.

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