Unshelved comic strip for 8/3/2009

Order "Reader's Advisory" Today!

You can finally order the best Unshelved collection ever - Reader's Advisory! Those lucky few who picked up copies at ALA or Comic Con have been gushing about it, and now the rest of you can get it too.

Why the delay? Because today we have a new distributor - Ingram Publisher Services - and we wanted to make sure that libraries and bookstores could order our book as soon as everyone else. We're super excited to be working with Ingram, one of the biggest and best names in book sales. We hope they don't realize what a terrible mistake they've made in signing us up. For more information on wholesale and purchase orders read this.

If you've never bought any of our books, all is forgiven. Unshelved, as you probably realize, isn't really big on continuity. So you can happily start with the latest, enjoying how good we've gotten at this. Or else start at the very beginning and watch us grow. Until August 31 there's free shipping in the U.S. on all books. Each will be signed and personalized by both authors, with a character doodle by Bill.

We've also made being a completist more economical than ever with three new bundles. All seven books are just $116.65 $80. Add the brand-new Read Irresponsibly book bag for $17.95 $10 more or the Contains Printed Matter messenger bag for $29.95 $20 more, for a total savings of $46.60! All bundles also ship free to the U.S.

Each of our books represents an entire year we spent delivering the best comic we know how. We sincerely hope you'll decide to purchase one or more Unshelved collections today for yourself and/or your customers.

This Unshelved strip

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