Unshelved comic strip for 7/9/2012

Unshelved @ Comic Con

SDCC 2012

Later this week Gene and Jana head down to San Diego for Comic Con International, home to every form of pop culture the world has ever produced, and a few still under development. (I'm staying home to write the Great American Novel. Wish me luck.)

Visit Unshelved at Booth 2300 in the Independent Press Pavilion. It's packed with great deals on Unshelved books and merchandise, including Too Much Information, Library Notebooks, Gene's new book Poopy Claws and Bill's newish book Runtime Error (plus IT Barrier Tape while supplies last). We've also got the top secret new t-shirt which we unveiled at ALA and is still not yet available in our store.

P.S. For the second year running we're sharing our booth with the lovely and talented Zach Weinersmith, creator of SMBC, SMBC Theatre, and, soon, his own novel.

P.P.S. Dozens of other fellow webcartoonists can be found elsewhere on the exhibit floor. Our buddy Gary at Fleen wrote this great guide. Collect them all!

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