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Poopy Claws at AADL and Beyond

AADL 2012 Poopy Scooper badge

Ann Arbor District Library’s Eli Neiburger is a force of nature when talking about video gaming or digital content. I’m feeling super lucky that he plugged my kids graphic novel, Poopy Claws, during a recent board meeting.

Eli and AADL are basically trying to make it as easy as possible for library patrons to download digital content from AADL’s catalog. To this end, they’re making deals with publishers (like us) to offer limitless downloads of content during a set period of time.

So the good news is if you’re a library patron in Ann Arbor, you can download a DRM-free copy of Poopy Claws right now after logging in to the catalog. (I have it on good authority the book could help you win the 2012 Pooper Scooper badge, too.)

And the better news is, if this sounds like a great deal for your library, big or small, contact me. I’d love to make more agreements like this to get the book out there, and also because I want to be part of freeing up digital content in libraries. No one should have to wait in line for an ebook.

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